The Mass Housing Administration of Turkey issued a tender for the construction of a Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) Building in the Istanbul International Financial Center. YDA Construction Industry and Trade, Inc. will carry out the project based on a “revenue sharing in return for land sale” model. The Project designs for the BRSA building have been completed and the construction site has been arranged and mobilized. Following approval, the construction will start in the first half of 2016 and the targeted completion date is December 2018. The Contract covers any turnkey work related to the common areas catering to offices and the shopping mall, and the office area to be delivered to BRSA. Shell and core concept will be applied in the construction of the independent units of the offices and the shopping mall to be put on sale or lease. The project covers 3 blocks of 326,000 m2 that rise on a platform of basement+7 stories that spread over a lot of land with a surface area of 21,717 m2. The basement and the 1st floor is occupied by shops and lobby area and upper floors consist of office spaces. Two of the 3 blocks consist of basement+17 floors and belong to YDA. The other block is basement+28 floors and belongs to BRSA. There are additional 7 underground floors below the basement, which have been allocated to YDA and BRSA. The areas that belong to BRSA include service areas, parking lots, and technical areas while areas that belong to YDA serve as a parking lot, storage areas, and technical areas. The YDA/BRSA Project will become the heart of the Financial Center as a 24-hour open campus, creating jobs for 30,000 people. The purpose of this modern complex is to make Istanbul an international financial center, thereby creating a brand. The Istanbul International Financial Center is a strong and prestigious high-end project that is destined to become a center of attraction on an urban scale with an extremely high value. In this unprecedented Project in Turkey, where special emphasis has been placed on harmony, and unique and rich design features; and where innovative, sustainable, and state-of-the-art buildings have been designed to meet the LEED criteria.


Halk Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. tendered the Halk REIT Towers in 2016. YDA Construction Industry and Trade, Inc. started the construction in 2016, and the targeted date of completion is August 2019. Being one of the biggest components of the Istanbul International Financial Center project, coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the combined project of two office towers with 46 and 34 flaoors, and three commercial buildings with 8 floors will be built on the same project area. The total construction area of the Istanbul Financial Center Halk REIT Towers project is 409,664 m2. Office towers will be designed to meet global standards and offer premium office space in Istanbul.


The Ministry of Justice, Department of Technical Works opened the tender for the construction project of the Istanbul Regional Court of Justice (in Kartal). The project is undertaken by YDA – Bahadır Ordinary Partnership. The construction started in December 2013 and the targeted completion date is April 2017. The rate of completion at the end of 2016 was 99.30%.

Upon completion, the project, which covers a construction area of 110,000 m2, will be Turkey’s third largest courthouse construction.

Almaty Financial Center Halyk Bank HQ Fine Finishing Works (Kazakhstan)

The Halyk Bank Headquarters Fine Finishing Works Project includes all fine finishing works as well as procurement and assembly of any stationary and portable furniture of the Headquarters of Halyk Bank. The project was completed in June 2016. Any shortcoming related to the other leg of the project, the AFD Block D project, undertaken by YÜKSELTURKUAZ-YDA Construction and Trade Co., Ltd. was addressed and the facility was delivered ready for service as Shell & Core in September 2015.


This Social Life Center is a Real Estate Development Project is carried out by the YDA Group within the scope of the Servitude Agreement signed with the Isparta Süleyman Demirel Unviersity, planned to be built on a land of 36.843 m2 in the Çünür neighborhood of the Central district of Isparta. The Social Life Center planned for the SDU/East Campus, which hosts 78,000 students, 55,000 of whom reside on campus, will occupy 15 thousand m2 of closed space with a total 14,000 m2 rentable area. The Center will be comprised of duplex blocks surrounding a 6,000 m2 inner courtyard (the size of a football field), and will carry the features of a typical bazaar in Turkish architecture. With movie theaters, an entertainment center, supermarket, outdoor sports, recreational areas, amphitheater, show platform, various food courts and shopping outlets, the Center will be a center of attraction not only for SDU, but also for Isparta. The construction of the project is planned to start in 2017, and the targeted date of opening to service is 2018.


The construction of a Social Life Center for Bursa Uludağ University, tendered in 2016, will be carried out by YDA Construction Industry and Trade, Inc. The date of commencement of the project is March 2018, and the targeted completion date is September 2019. The scope of the project covers a total of 110,000 m2, 60,000 m2 of which will be allocated to parking lots, warehouses, and 50,000 m² to social areas including 5 movie theaters, nearly 20,000 m² rentable outlets, food courts, a 1,000 m2 bowling alley with 12 lanes, an outdoor exhibition space, strolling areas, an amphitheater and courtyards. The Center will host Uludağ University students and faculty, as well as guests visiting from Bursa.

Ulus Cultural Center (Ankara)

YDA Construction Industry and Trade, Inc., won the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Cultural and Natural Properties Department’s tender for the Construction of a Cultural Center, a Covered Bazaar and Collective Taxi (Dolmuş) Stations Project in Ulus in 2016. The project started in 2016 and the targeted completion date is August 2018. The scope of the contract covers the construction of a Cultural Center with a 90,000 m2 closed area, a Covered Bazaar, and Collective Taxi Stations, tendered by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with plans to make it a center of attraction for Ulus, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Ankara, and its surrounding districts. The project onsists of the modernization of the current collective taxi stations in the transportation hub Ulus, and the construction of a new cultural center building.

Astana City 1,500-seat Amphitheater Building (Kazakhstan)

The Project, tendered by the Governorship of Astana in 2016 and undertaken by Turkuaz-YDA Construction Partnership, includes an amphitheater building, rough and fine finishing works, and infrastructure and landscaping works. The rate of completion at the end of 2016 was 40% and the targeted date of completion is December 2017.